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Miele Blizzard bagless vacuum cleaners

Blizzard baggless vacuum cleaners

The Blizzard CX1: Miele Innovation

Set to change the very nature of Bagless Vacuuming, Miele Australia enters this floorcare segment for the first time with the revolutionary Blizzard CX1.
Miele’s exclusive innovative development of Vortex Technology is responsible for achieving these outstanding outcomes and, in the process, delivers new standards of hygienic dust disposal to bagless vacuuming.

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Miele ArtLine appliances

Miele innovation. Pure design. No interruptions.

Miele ArtLine handleless appliances.

Purist, linear and entirely handleless, Miele ArtLine is the first design series of innovative built-in kitchen appliances, which blends in seamlessly with flush furniture fronts. The clear design language is capable of harmoniously merging cooking, eating and living areas.

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Miele TempControl induction cooktops

TempControl induction cooktops

Maintain constant temperature during cooking.

No risk of food overcooking, no manual intervention to adjust power output and top-class cooking results: The new TempControl induction cooktop units from Miele take the hassle out of cooking, making it simpler than ever before. The correct temperature is maintained at all times by sensors embedded in the ceramic screen. TempControl can be used with any pots or pans suitable for induction cooking.

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W1/T1 laundry care range

A new era in laundry care.

With Miele's new W1 appliance generation, laundry is washed cleaner, more conveniently, more economically and textile-specific than ever, before.No fewer than three world premieres are responsible for this revolutionary cleanliness in washing: Miele's PowerWash System increases cleaning performance verifi ably. Thanks to TwinDos you can wash your coloured laundry perfectly with liquid detergent, and now for the fi rst time your white textiles too. And CapDosing is the perfect addition for special applications.

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Scout RX1

Intelligent. Fast. Thorough.

Imagine coming home to find your house or apartment already vacuumed. How is possible? Our new Scout RX1 robotic vacuum cleaner makes it possible.
A reliable navigation is of particular importance in order for robotic vacuum cleaners to clean floors without missing any patches. With Smart Navigation, Miele has succeeded in accelerating progress: a unique combination of a camera, sensor, electronics and software navigates the Scout RX1 precisely and reliably like no other.

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G 6000 dishwashers

Design for Life - Generation 6000 dishwashers

Miele dishwashers make your dishes sparkle – and put a smile on your face: with excellent cleaning results, clever details which make everyday work simpler, and low consumption values to suit the environment and your budget.

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K 30000 refrigeration

Wide variety of models for modern lifestyles

With its refrigeration appliances, Miele offers an extremely wide variety of models equipped with state-of-the-art technology and unique convenience. Every appliance was designed specifically for its purpose and to meet the highest of demands in terms of quality and durable functionality. The exceptional Miele design is easily recognisable – high-quality materials and clear lines throughout the entire appliance. That is Miele.

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FashionMaster 2.0

The Miele steam ironing system

Washing, drying, ironing – forever better with Miele. Those who place the highest of demands on their appliances in terms of quality and perfection know this.
With the FashionMaster steam ironing system, Miele is demonstrating this once again. After your laundry has been gently washed in a Miele washing machine and gently dried in a Miele tumble dryer, the FashionMaster ensures perfect ironing results. The steam ironing system provides first-class quality and unique user convenience.

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