Solutions for Campsites

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Even sleeping bags feel at home here

Laundry care at campsites and holiday complexes is a welcome service for your guests. The option of being able to wash personal laundry and other textiles such as sleeping bags, duvets or outdoor clothing directly on site gives you an advantage over your competitors and is another incentive for your guests to choose you when selecting their holiday complex. Laundry services can be provided by the operator as a full service or on a self-service basis. Whether as an individual machine or as several machines in a row with a payment system, Miele's commercial laundry machines in the 6.5 kg to 10 kg class offer flexible options for the laundry care of holiday guests. The constructions, the renowned Miele quality and the short programme cycles are focused on the needs of their target group, i.e. repeated daily use by different people.