Solutions for Sports clubs

Diversity thanks to special programmes

Special care for your functional clothes

"Taking things one game at a time" is a well-known expression in football. This certainly applies to sports wear. The dirty kit starts piling up in the changing rooms as soon as the match or training session is over: sweaty shorts and shirts, tracksuits, etc., which, depending on the sport, all have their own different and often stubborn stains. This is a huge challenge for the kit manager and particularly the commercial laundry machines. Dealing with the cleaning and care of sports clothing on site in the sports club's own laundry is the professional and most economical solution for most clubs. Short processing times, consistent laundry care, individual cleaning programmes and the fast availability of the sports kit are clear advantages. With commercial laundry machines ranging from 6.5 kg to 32 kg Miele Professional has individual solutions for every sports club.


Game, set and match on "sacred turf"

The lawn is an integral part of Wimbledon, even part of the Club's title: Originally known as the All England Croquet Club, Wimbledon first hosted the lovers of another typical British grass sport in 1868, before an increased interest in lawn tennis led to a corresponding change of name in 1877. In that same year, the first tennis tournament was held in Wimbledon.